Volunteer Appreciation

The success of American Legion Post 28 is and has always been because of those members who step and do what has to be done – the jobs they do are those things that has to be done but no one seems to have the time to do them.  Because we have outstanding Volunteers, people who are willing to give their time, and continue to contribute by doing those things that need to get done, all who are members benefit by their efforts.  The jobs they do vary from month to month – yet they continue to contribute.

 In the past we have waited to show our appreciation to our volunteers during our annual Family Day but that is a long time to wait for a Thank You for a job well done.  With that in mind, The Commander has asked that we develop a Member Appreciation Page, where those who step up each month can be recognized for their efforts. 

We appreciate all of our volunteers and we now take time to begin recognizing individuals for their efforts.  We hope that as you see these volunteers at the Post, you thank them for their efforts – for what they have done benefits us all.

 April 2014

 Beth Pezely – Beth serves as our Historian but she has also donated many ours during the last few weeks helping upgrade the office computer.  In addition, she is currently reconfiguring a second computer to be used by our Post Service Officer. 

Carol Long is an active member of Auxiliary Unit 28.  As spring arrived Carol decided it was time to beautify the front of the Post Home.  Off she went to get the mulch needed to do the job, then spent time weeding and cleaning the flower beds and area first seen as you enter the Post Home.

May 2014

We would like to thank Heather and Carol on doing some of the planting and around the post. We appreciate you taking your time out of the day to spruce up the grounds! 

May 28, 2014 – Memorial Day Volunteers

I would like to thank all the volunteers who put flags on graves this memorial day – Andrew Whitmer and his crew at Southeast Sheet Metal. They even took names down of folks who said their loved ones didnt get a flag. Andrew walked over and placed flags on those gravesites and that graves was added to our list so they wont be forgotten next time. That says alot about Andrew and his volunteers taking time out of their weekend and placing those flags. I thank you for all your continued support.

Also to the Fergusons, Beth Pezely, Heather Davidson, Bess Plaza, Josh and Lindsey Whitmer, and the Ladies Auxiliary and the Sons and all the others who took time oput of their weekend to sell poppies. Some of these volunteers took alot of crap from the general public who thinks its ok to spit on, make fun of and ridicule the volunteers outside Walmart and Target handing out poppies in memory of all the veterans who served. 
Its a shame that people think its ok to ridicule those who are volunteering their time and service to give back – even just a little bit.

So thank you to all of our volunteers – who continue to give hours and hours of service – it IS appreciated by me and the members of Post 28.

Tia Perry