American Legion Post 28
October 2020

Commander’s Comments
I am proud to be your Commander, a role that I have had great respect for ever since I became a member of the Post and I still do today. I am blessed to have an Adjutant and past Commander to advise me who are highly competent and a team of dedicated legionnaires on my Executive Committee. It’s a great privilege to lead such a motivated team as this. Their dedicated work has brought our Post some good successes during my first quarter as Commander. Let’s continue to work hard to have a successful year.
The COVID-19 situation has evolved further than expected and we are dealing with a significant challenge to our well-being. While this pandemic was an unforeseen challenge, I believe our Post has handled the situation quite well. Working side-by-side, we will successfully get through today’s unprecedented challenges and get through this safely. I am truly inspired by our collective resilience in the face of this adversity.
This mindset also applies to all of us as Legionnaires. Due to our unique culture, we often refer to the Legion as a family. A challenging moment like this is the time to live family values. Unprecedented state restrictions have led to difficult situations in the operation of our social quarters, the handling of Post programs, and practically curtailed all of our youth programs. Your patience and support can make a lot of difference – it will also make us a stronger and even more united team. Over the course of 95 years, Post 28 has seen – and mastered – many challenging moments. I am convinced that we will overcome this one too.
                                                             Willie McCrory, Commander
          Adjutant’s Notes
While the COVID-19 pandemic has caused us some discomfort in the way we have to do business the good news is that we have had 75 percent of our members renew already for 2021. We wanted to have 100 percent renewed by Veterans Day but that is going to be a stretch unless those who have not yet renewed send their dues in now – or pay on line at For those who have not yet renewed – you will be receiving a dues notice in the next week or two from National. If you recently sent in your dues, or paid them online – just ignore the notice. All dues had to be processed by October 12th to stop the notice from being sent. Your help is needed for us to hit 100 percent by Veterans Day – and time is short – so if you haven’t renewed for 2021 – please consider doing so now.
As we get back to a more normal operation at the Post we will be sending out a monthly newsletter to keep everyone in the loop. The Social Quarters team is working on getting a calendar for the next few months and while we post it on the website and Facebook, I hope to include it with the newsletter in the months ahead. You can keep up to changes by adding our Facebook page as one of the pages you follow. You will see the menu for the Sunday Football Games and Friday night dinners. While we had to suspend Friday Night Dinners when the Covid Pandemic started, we are slowly getting back to a normal schedule.
We changed our meeting date and time and now meet on the fourth Saturday of the month at 10:30 a.m. We have had one training session since we went to the new schedule and tentatively have Past National Commander Reistad coming to the Post for the November meeting to give a presentation on the History of The American Legion. PNC Reistad has given this presentation a number of times at the Department American Legion College and it is always well received.  I hope that you will put it on your calendar and join us for the next few meetings – your input to what we need to do is important.
As a reminder, since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, The Governor and public health officials have recommended and implemented stringent measures to help contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. While our Social Quarters are only for the use of our members and not open to the public, we are still required to follow all laws and regulations mandated by the Commonwealth. As a non-essential entity, those guidelines require we not allow entry for those without face coverings. Our obligation is to ensure employees have face masks available for their use, which we have done and will continue to do. We are not required to provide or supply face masks for those who desire to visit and use the Post facilities. Once allowed entry into the facility, we are obligated to ensure proper social distancing be maintained and if the manager on duty asks that those requirements be followed. There is currently no seating at the bar but you can approach the bar to place your order – but you must have your mask in place. Once sitting at a table you can remove your mask but any time you move around the facility the mask must be in place. Individuals who refuse to follow these guidelines will be asked to leave. While it seems unnecessary to say, I must add that to argue or otherwise criticize those who are working and providing a service to the members is unacceptable and while we look forward to seeing you, we must all adhere to the guidelines and rules mandated by the Commonwealth, which are in place to protect the health and welfare of the employees and members.
I can use some input from our members – especially those who recently served or are still serving.  In a discussion at the Post it was noted that there are a number of items in the Legion Magazine that are geared for the older generation (WW-II, Korea, and Vietnam) but little geared at those who have served since then. The discussion was about the advertisements, etc. that are in the magazine.  Some of you may know that I sit on the National Finance Commission and because I have that privilege I can forward suggestions to the National Organization so that it would be considered by both those serving on the Media and Communications as well as those in Marketing. So what is it you would like to see more of – and less of. If you will send me a note, I will compile all of the thoughts and send off a note to the National Staff for consideration.
We recently did an update to our Constitution and Bylaws and there are a number of changes included in the current copy – I have uploaded a copy to our website for you to review if you would like. We are currently working on an update to the House Rules, The Riders Bylaws, and the Sons Constitution and Bylaws and once they are completed I will also post them on the web page.
I did not receive input from the Auxiliary, the Riders or the Sons for this newsletter but hopefully we will have notes from them for our next edition.
                                                          George Lussier, Adjutant
          Social Quarters Notes The current hours of operation of the Post Social Quarters are: Monday & Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday & Thursday 4 PM – 9 PM
Friday – 2 PM – 11 PM
Saturday – 12 PM – 7 PM
Sunday – 12 PM – 6 PM
 Changes to these hours will be noted on Facebook and the Post website. You can view the hours of operation each day on our Facebook page by just clicking the “About” button.
There are a number of events scheduled at the Post over the next few months and we will cover the highlights here but to keep up with what is happening it is best to follow our Facebook page and the website – the Facebook page is updated more often. Here are some upcoming events:
October 29th. starting at 6 p.m. Pumpkin Carving Contest
Come out to show your pumpkin carving skills – the Post will provide a Free Carving kit and award a $25 gift card to the top entry in each category – Scariest, Most Patriotic and the Most out of the box. You can bring your own pumpkin or the Post will provide one but we need to charge $5.00 for the pumpkin. If you plan on joining us for this event – please RSVP by October 25th. You can do it by calling the phone or leaving a message on our Facebook Page. Looking forward to seeing everyone’s pumpkin carving skills.
November 11th. Veterans Day. Grover Gaming is sponsoring a special luncheon at the Post from Noon to 4 p.m. All Veterans who attend will be eligible for one free entry off the menu. The menu prices will range from $3 to $8. We look forward to seeing you and your family join us on this very special day. We are hopeful we will have good weather so we can be both inside and outside on the grounds or in the pavilion. More information will be available on the Facebook page and website.
November 13th. Pre Thanksgiving Friday Night Dinner from 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This will be a Free event however, we will be accepting donations to go to a project that will be designated by the Commander. The menu will include ham, turkey, yams, stuffing/dressing,, corn, green bean casserole, gravy, and rolls.
December 18th. Post Appreciation Christmas Party sponsored by Grover Gaming.. Plans are still being made for this event and details will follow.
While we have not attached a calendar to this Newsletter we would like to remind everyone that the Post and Social Quarters will be closed on Thursday, November 26th (Thanksgiving) and Friday, December 25th. (Christmas).
Remember to check for weekly specials during the Football games on the big screen at the Post. You can see us on Facebook at 
                                                       Heather Davidson, Manager
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